Thursday, October 13, 2011


I love love love horse art and photography used in a room. Ever since i sold my horse (due to uni commitments) i feel like im missing something. So im on the hunt for a beautiful image which i can have made up for the hunter valley property.Here are some images that have inspired me:

I love the size of the following one:

I saw this one at Coco Republic but it was way too much:

Love the unusual angle of this one:

Again the size of this one is just divine!

And now here are 3 that i have found and am just trying to make a final decision on.

The first one is my absolute favourite and is called 'WINDOW TO THE SOUL"

I love everything about it and am looking at having it made up in a large size ( 162cmx112cm)

This next one is my husbands favourite and i also think this could work quite well in the house:

And this is the third contender which we both like:

This last image is one taken by the amazing Peter Stoop, an Australian Equine Photographer. This image is of my sisters horse Marishka Doll, whom we purchased off Peter and his wife Kirsten. I credit this amazing creature for helping my sister overcome her anorexia and she is just the most gentle loving horse. I think this image Peter took really captures the magic of the horse and i will be getting this image blown up and presenting it to my sister for Christmas.

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