Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love love love when fairy lights are wrapped around the trunk of a tree,it really highlights the amazing and unique shape each tree has.Im happy just looking at theses pictures.

I would love to have a beautiful long meandering driveway lined with trees lit up like these. Imagine coming home to this every night:

I also love accent lighting and this look is so easy to achieve at home:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Living Room

Our living room is quite large so i will be sectioning it into zones such as a conversation area, tv area etc. I love watching tv on a huge, soft, sink in so you cant get up kinda lounge with a chaise so you can stretch out and relax. However around the fire i want to have setting arranged like this: As much as i love the modular L-Shaped chaise style lounge, i feel it is better suited to tv because when you sit on it next to someone you are not facing them, but facing the same way as them so i want to create a more intimate conversation area where the seating is facing across from each other (like the lounge room in the movie Its Complicated). I just feel this would be the perfect place to sit with a glass of wine on a cold night and have a fantastic chat. And i just adore theses chairs, beautiful, but i cant seem to find something similar, the closest i could find was at Coco Republic.

The Master Bedroom

So to distract myself from thinking too much about our plan delays i thought i would post some pictures of inspiration for our master bedroom.

I absolutely adore fireplaces and if i had my way every room in the house would have one, however a thing called my husband gets in the way and so after lots of negotiating we have settled on three fireplaces. One in the lounge room, one on the outdoor deck and one in the master bedroom which will be two-way and will have a bath on one side and the bed facing it from the other side. It will sort of be like this one however the bed will be in line with the fireplace so that the fire will be right at our feet when we are lying in bed.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inspiration for our house
When you first walk in we will have a wine cellar, hopefully looking like this one, stretching the length of our foyer with a huge floating glass wall and a lockable door!

Once Upon A Time...

I thought we could build our dream holiday home. My husband loves golf and i love cold weather, fires and red wine, so when we went on a weekend away to the Hunter Valley back in our dating days, we knew we had found our dream destination for a weekender. We purchased a beautiful golf front block of land with views over a lake and the third green, and set about designing a WOW holiday home. However in all my excitement i forgot that what i may want does not always agree with what "The Commitee'' deems within their guidelines.
Let me back track and give you some info: The Vintage is a small developement of homes nestled in the Hunter Valley in the NSW wine region. The developement is based around a golf course designed by Greg Norman and is known for its strict building guidelines.
Today i received a call from the commitee and to cut a log story short, our plans which were submitted over a month ago have been rejected. Our home is too big, too high and has too many long walls? (interested to see how they will react to John Abrahims plans-he has purchased a block in the same street as ours and i cant see him building a small house!) so back to the drawing board and tonight i will be sitting here trying to reconfigure our original plans and watch the World Cup Soccer with my Husband and act like im very interested!