Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Im blogging again!

Im back after a HUGE break in posts. We get the keys to our Hunter Valley place in 3 weeks!!!

Honestly the whole process has felt so slow, but its almost over so im getting super excited about all the fun decorating.I will post a few photos over the next week of all the progress.

Also ive decided that since this blog was supposed to be about building our dream holiday house and i didnt actually blog about any of it, i will now make this blog about everything in my life.

So I will start with my sisters 17th birthday party which was held recently and completely organized by myself and my other sister.

We decided to throw a big party as she missed out on celebrating her sweet sixteen due to being in hospital ( anorexia).We had a carnival/circus theme with all the trimmings including carnival rides, carnival food and lots of colour and fun!

I made her cake and keeping to the colourful theme and wanting to do something special for her ( as she has been through so much and has recently been so much stronger) i made her a rainbow layer cake with 17 layers representing her 17 years of life. I only got to the crumb frosting stage on outside as i ran out of eggs but it still looked okay ( and the room was dark so you couldnt really tell).
I will post more photos as soon as i get them from my sister including a daybed we created in the back of a ute, firepit with marshmallow roasting and carnival rides including a bucking bull (which my husband managed to stay on the longest for, 48 seconds!) Stay Tuned.....

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