Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Wedding Day....

Today we are off to the Hunter Valley to pick up the keys to our new place! Im so excited and so I thought I would post some photos from our wedding day just because im happy.

My wedding dress was custom made, the bodice was done in a french lace from Chanel, the lace was featured in the Chanel Chance ad and i showed my Father this image when i first purchased the lace and he freaked out because he thought I was going to wear it like the model below!!! Just the lace!!! I love Dads!

The bottom of my dress was made up of Italian Tulle which had thousands of tiny little ribbons tied into little bows to create the fluffy feel.

We were married in the Church that both of us had been Christened in as babies and my parents were also married there.

Our Floral Artist was just amazing, of all the proffesionals I used for the Wedding he was by far my favourite. For our wedding he used over 4000 stems of Singapore Orchids!

My flower girls were just beautiful, they were so well behaved all day

Our wedding cake, although not really 'weddingish" was extremely special to me as it was based on a set of boxes that my Husband had given to me as I love animal print, it was the first thing he ever gave me and we had it recreated into a wedding cake.

Well im off to the Hunter Valley, i hope you enjoyed!


  1. Congratulations, what a beautiful wedding.x

  2. Congratulations Olivia! The Vintage is such an awesome spot you guys are going to love it there. I work for XYDJ and we DJ at Chateau Elan at The Vintage all the time - It's one of my favourites!

    Hey I noticed in a previous post of yours that you like lights on trees - well The Hunter Valley Gardens Christmas Lights Spectacular opens this Friday. They're showcasing over a million lights across 20 acres of gardens. I'm tipping you would like it!

  3. I know it’s late, but congratulations to both of you! For me, the church is just one of the most wonderful places to host a wedding because it has a genuine and solemn ambience. Plus, the fact that that particular church has been a huge part of both you since you were born is just magnificent! :)

    - Kelli Mueller

  4. Congratulations on your wedding. The story about your dress is amazing, I can understand how your father misunderstood the ad. Lace only would make for quite the interesting wedding. I love the story about your wedding cake, the most important things are the ones which have a special personal meaning.

    from Renee Romero at Online PhD Resources

  5. Congratulations for the wedding. I hope your new family will spend happy and funny moments together forever.

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